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The 6-STEP Process

Script Submission

  • Doors for script submission will be open to the general public.THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION HAS YET TO BE ANNOUNCED
  • Submissions may be made on-line at, or delivered to the following address:
    • Eagle Vision Media Group KSCC
    • Block 2, Street 201
    • Lulwa Al Manae Building, 2nd Fl, office # 5 or #6
    • Hawalli, Kuwait 38855
    • Tel: + (965) 2266 4650

    Script Criteria

  • Only stories set during the seven month occupation of Kuwait will be accepted.
  • Your submission should include the following (for on-line submissions, please fill out the requested information):

    • 1. CONTACT INFORMATION: Include your full name, nationality, date of birth, mobile number, home number, email address.

    • 2. LOGLINE: Your logline should give the reader a brief description of the screenplay. Summarize it in two or three sentences by writing about the screenplay's main characters and the conflict inherent in the story. Provide the most important details about the script and what sets your screenplay apart from others. Categorize your story by telling the reader if it is a drama, comedy or suspense story.

    • 3. PERSONAL CONNECTION: Some information about yourself. Include information about any knowledge or special connection you have to the script's story.

    • 4. SYNOPSIS: A screenplay synopsis is similar to a logline, but more detailed. It provides the entire outline of the story in up to three paragraphs. Describe the main points of your story without giving away the ending.

    • 5. SCRIPT:

      • i. Your feature-length script should not exceed 125 pages.
      • ii. The script could be anywhere from the first draft stage, all the way to the finished script.
      • iii. The story should read cinematically.
      • iv. The story should offer a new viewpoint on events?
      • v. The story should allow for visual creativity?

      • NOTE: If your story and/or script is appealing to the judges, but requires a few editorial and creative changes, you may be asked to incorporate and/or make changes to the existing storyline. Do not submit your script if you are not prepared to incorporate new notes and changes, either to the general or detailed storyline and dialogue.

Script Analyzation and Selection

  • The judging panel will include film-makers, literary personalities, writers, and producers; in addition to notable Kuwaiti citizens that were present inside Kuwait throughout the duration of the occupation.

Script Budgeting

  • The selected script will be budgeted according to the highest global production standards.
  • The completed budget will include the following costs: development, pre-production, production, post-production, marketing & distribution.


  • An unprecedented, community driven, fund-raising effort will commence once the winning script has been selected.
  • An established accounting firm will be managing and distributing the revenue according to production schedule.
  • Production Scheduling, Crew Hire (including Director), and Casting will also commence here.
  • Once the total budget is secured, production will commence.


  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-Production

Marketing and Distribution

  • A Massive Marketing Campaign will ensure worldwide project visibility.
  • Film Festival submissions are critical for regional and international exposure, and provide platforms for international theatrical distribution; as well as regional theatrical and TV distribution.

Online Submission