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About C7

Campaign SEVEN is a nation-wide movement to locate and nurture a feature-length dramatic script, depicting the seven month Iraqi occupation of the State of Kuwait. To finance the production of this film, we will turn to the People of Kuwait. In an unprecedented, community driven, fund-raising effort, this project will conceive the first film ever to be financed by a “people”.

The Wider Message:

CAMPAIGN 7 aims to spark a wider national visual arts movement. In this case, we use the film medium to do so because, by its very nature, film has the power to transform civilizations. When the artistic community, with the integration of all art forms, begins to feel nurtured, social consciousness for the arts will also begin to mature. And with that elevation in consciousness, society as a whole matures. The fluidity of this movement will create a domino effect that will inevitably flow into other sectors.

Cultural and societal change, more often than not, starts at the grass roots. CAMPAIGN 7 is ground zero.

C7 Team